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[HK to Belarus] Prohibited Items

Last updated time : 2021-08-05

#寄白俄羅斯 #禁寄物品

“BelarusCommon Items Currently Prohibited from Shipping to Belarus

1.   living animals;
2.   all kinds of meat, perishable food;
3.   edible offal, poultry and animal feed;
4.  all kinds of fish;
5.   milk products;
6.   plants, bulbs and cut flowers, etc.;
7.&nbsp ;  Fresh or dried fruits;
8.   Seeds, plants and vegetable products for sowing;
9.   Opium and other substances containing morphine;
10.   Liquor;
11.   Cigarettes and related products;
12.   Soil and stones;
13.   Explosive And toxic products;
14.   precious metals and their compounds;
15.   radioactive materials;
16.   organic chemicals, Such as plants are salty;
17.   Drugs and vitamin products containing anesthetics;
18.   Matches and other explosive substances;
19.   Without washing 20.   Radiation-containing products, nuclear materials and waste materials;
21.   Books and printed matter contain the benefits and safety of the country’s political and economic And information on people’s health and morals;
22.   metal yarn made of gold thread, decorative lace and woven fabric;
23.   inlaid with precious stones The clock;
24.   all kinds of weapons, ammunition and their parts that may cause harm;
25.   guns with barrels;
26.&nbsp ;  Atomizer with gas or toxic gas;
27.   Indecent or indecent articles;
28.   Consumer waste;
29.   The currency of Belarus and the Russian Federation.


*Information above is only for reference, Fulffy will not guarantee the accuracy of the content. For more details, please refer to the official site of the local customs.

The official website of Belarus customs Click here