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Shipping Internationally: Guide to Shipping Masks

Last updated time : 2021-08-05


Shipping Internationally: Guide to Shipping Masks


With the ongoing pandemic, many people want to send masks to relatives and friends overseas. If you need to send masks and other materials from Hong Kong to overseas regions, Fulffy has sorted out the precautions and important things to note, feel free to check them out!

Shipping four boxes of masks to USA

Courier Company

Delivery Time

Price (e.g. shipping 4 boxes of masks to USA )







*UPS internal guidelines require customers who wish to send masks to USA to provide the mask FDA registration number, regardless of the purpose and quantity, otherwise the goods may be detained by local customs. There is no mandatory requirement for CE certification for local customs clearance when sending to EU countries.


Updated news about masks import of various locations:


Sender responsibility


General situation

1. A maximum of 250 pieces of personal masks can be sent per waybill

2.The mask must be placed in the box in the original packaging

3.May need to pay customs duties and import taxes, the tax amount is calculated by the destination customs

4. If necessary, provide the required information to the customs at the import destination

Customs duties and taxes may be paid and subject to customs inspection and decision


No other special regulations

Tax exemption if the declared value is less than A$1,000


No other special regulations

Tax exemption if the declared value is less than 45 euros


*Indicate non-medical masks  ‘Masks – not for medical use’ (masks are not for medical use); otherwise, the manufacturer’s name, address, product materials and FDA registration number must be provided


Tax exemption if the declared value is less than US$100


No other special regulations

Tax exemption if the declared value is less than 39 pounds


*If the masks sent to Taiwan are medical masks, they need to apply for a license from the FDA and Taiwan International Trade Bureau before they can be imported; non-medical masks imported to Taiwan also need to apply for a license on the Taiwan International Trade Bureau website, and confirm that the smallest outer packaging is marked with the mask place of origin


Please note: Due to the global pandemic situation and the daily changes of mailing restrictions in various countries, if you have any questions before shipping, please contact Fulffy online customer service team for the latest updates.


Regarding how to apply for mask certification, customs approval or supporting documents:

  • If the customs of the receiving place require certification documents to be submitted, the sender needs to contact the product manufacturer or seller to obtain the relevant certification documents.
  • The customs clearance document requirements for mailing masks will not be changed according to the different quantities and purposes of the mail.
  • If you're mailing masks for personal use and without certification, you can try to send no more than 250 pieces, and select [mask and personal protective equipment] and fill in [Mask (not for medical use)] when the content of the item is declared. But due to certification missing documents, we cannot ensure successful customs clearance.
Frequently asked question

Is my shipment subject to customs inspection?

Yes, the shipment will be inspected by the customs, and the customs may open the package to ensure that the item meets the packaging requirements.

Do I have to pay tax if I send personal protective equipment (for personal use)?

Yes. Taxes shall be paid if the goods exceed a certain amount (depending on the country/region).

Can I choose to pay by the recipient cash on delivery?

No, shipments of personal protective equipment must be paid by the sender.

Can I use my own bag to equip the items?

Under normal circumstances, the mask must be placed in a carton in the original packaging before it can be shipped. If you want to unpack the mask and mail it, please pack it properly to ensure that the mask is adequately protected; it is recommended that the original mask box be placed in a package and mailed together so that the customs officers can check the mask information or certification on the package, but it is not certain that the entry will be cleared successfully.