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2021 Guide to Sending Business Documents Internationally

Last updated time : 2021-08-05


Sending Business Documents Internationally

In daily life, especially small and medium enterprises or business operators, they often express commercial documents such as contracts and original documents to overseas customers, schools, etc. This type of mail involves a lot of confidential information, so the speed and reliability of express delivery services are particularly important. Fulffy can help you find the most suitable international express solution for you, and send business documents overseas quickly and securely.


Demonstration of an appointment for sending business documents


Budget international freight quotation

[Step 1]: Comparison of freight quotations of courier companies

          Choose destination >Enter estimated weight and package size >Compare freight

Formal appointment shipping

[Step 1]: Select destinationOnline appointment for pickup and delivery country

[Step 2]: Fill in the package information    

Shipment type

          Documents can only contain documents with no sales value

          Enter the weight of your document

          Each waybill can only contain one encapsulated document bag, and it is not possible to send two individually packaged documents or a combination of one document and one parcel at the same time. Please combine the consigned items into one package first

[Step 3] Choose a courier companyCourier company price comparison

        the billable weight will show the basis of the charge for your consignment. Take the size (volume weight) or the larger actual weight to calculate the charge. The calculation method of the size (volume weight) is (length * width * height cm / 5000). Some courier companies can only calculate the actual weight under the specified size and weight, and we will mark it as a small package

        Please pay attention to whether the courier company needs you to print the relevant documents by yourself

[Step Four]: Item declarationOnline pickup appointment recipient

Fill in the pick-up address and time for online booking        Fill in the scheduled pickup address and contact information of the shipping country. You must provide an accurate address and the email and phone number of the local recipient

        If you have stored frequently used addresses in the destination country/region, you can also select frequently used addresses

[Step 5] Review the order information and pay

        If you fill in the wrong sending or receiving address, contact information, phone number, content, value, etc. of the mailing item when you book an online shipment, and you need to change any information after you have successfully booked the shipment, you must make an appointment again with the correct information and contact Fulffy customer service to cancel the original wrong order before the staff picks up the business documents,

        Select the pickup time: You can only make an appointment within a week. If you want to make an appointment for the same-day pickup service, you can only make an appointment before 10:00am on that day. After 10:00am, only the pick-up time of tomorrow can be reserved. Once the waybill is successfully confirmed, you will receive a notification email from us, "Appointment Pickup Confirmation Letter", which contains the documents you need to print (if necessary). When all the documents are printed, you can deliver them to the pickup staff at the scheduled pickup time along with your packed consignment. The courier company that picks up the parcel is not necessarily the shipping company itself. Some pickup services may be handled by SF Express or the pickup company.

Frequently asked question

What should I do if I fill in the wrong information when I make an appointment for mailing business documents?

Before the courier picks up the item, you must make a new appointment with the correct information and contact the Fulffy customer service to cancel the original wrong order.

Where can I make an appointment for pickup?

You can make an appointment to collect it anywhere in Hong Kong. Some express companies will charge a remote surcharge of HKD 30 for non-industrial and commercial addresses. Non-industrial and commercial addresses refer to any residential or remote areas.

Can one waybill contain two encapsulated document bags?

Each waybill can only contain one packaged document bag. Please merge the commercial documents into one package first.