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Hong Kong Shipping to Ecuador: Prohibited Items

Last updated time : 2021-08-05

#寄厄瓜多 #禁寄物品

“Ecuador”Common Items Currently Prohibited from Shipping to Ecuador

1.  Living animals, except bees and leeches; delivery of bees and leeches should be accompanied by a permit issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry; delivery of leeches should be placed in a sealed cloth with plaster or moss The cloth bag, and then put it into a wooden box filled with hay or straw;
2.  all kinds of animal meat and offal;
3.  plants, fruits and their seeds, The agricultural unit has announced that it may contain harmful parasites;
4.   may cause pollution of rice straw, tobacco and African palm tree seeds;
5.  all kinds of mineral oil;< br />6.  Radioactive materials;
7.  Indecent or indecent books and works. Publish advertisements of coins and official securities, except for catalogs related to coins and philately;
8.  No coins, paper money or various bonds, gold, platinum, etc. are allowed to be sent in ordinary and registered mail;
9.  Cotton yarn containing gold thread;
10.  Paintings, sculptures, antiquities, archaeological objects, ceramics that are cultural assets;
11. &nbsp ; According to Article 37 of the Customs Law, all imported goods whose value does not exceed US$100 and weighs less than 5 kg can be exempted from import tax once a year.
12.  Used footwear and clothing items must not exceed 4 kg, and the value must not exceed US$400.


*Information above is only for reference, Fulffy will not guarantee the accuracy of the content. For more details, please refer to the official site of the local customs.

The official website of Ecuador Click here