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Hong Kong Shipping to Estonia: Prohibited Items

Last updated time : 2021-08-05

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“Estonia”Common Items Currently Prohibited from Shipping to Estonia

1.  Living animals, meat, fish, dairy products, etc. must be accompanied by relevant certificates before they can be mailed for import;
2.  Plant seeds, bulbs, roots, chrysanthemums , Dianthus, etc.;
3.  Radioactive substances and materials;
4.  Private trade marks and labels;
5.  Currency, foreign currency or Securities and traveler’s cheques of various holders;
6.  Meat, meat products, dairy and dairy products (except those with official import licenses from EU countries).


*Information above is only for reference, Fulffy will not guarantee the accuracy of the content. For more details, please refer to the official site of the local customs.

The official website of Estonia Click here