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Notes on Shipping Jewellery Internationally as Gifts

Last updated time : 2021-08-05


Notes on Shipping Jewellery Internationally as Gifts

Shipping Jewellery Internationally

Want to send exquisite gifts to foreign friends but don't know whether it is feasible to send valuables by international express? Fulffy can help you, let's learn about the precautions for sending jewelry overseas, and this article will answer all your questions!


What accessories can be mailed by international courier?

The following accessories can be sent by international express:

  • Diamond-containing jewelry such as necklaces, etc.
  • Jewelry containing gems, such as gem rings, etc.
  • Earrings and other jewelry containing pearl ingredients such as pearls, etc.
  • Jewelry containing silver and gold-plated ingredients such as rings, etc.


The following accessories cannot be sent by international express:

  • Ornaments containing animal carcasses
  • Ornaments containing shellfish ingredients
  • Pure gold ornaments, such as goldware
  • Non-manufactured products, such as loose gem raw materials

If you are not sure whether it can be mailed, remember to contact Fulffy online customer service!


Precautions for International Express Jewelry:

If you are sending hand-made jewelry, the value of the goods can be written as the cost of the raw materials.

Jewelry is a high-value cargo. You need to pay attention to the risks of damage and loss in international express mail. Any item has a certain risk of loss when international express delivery. International express companies have formulated corresponding compensation standards for this situation, but the standard only applies to general goods ——the claim is paid up to USD 100 in accordance with the declared value. It is recommended that the sender reduce the transportation risk by purchasing logistics insurance.

The tariff thresholds of Canada, Germany, Japan and other countries are relatively low, and the declared value of a jewelry may exceed the tariff threshold.

Due to the long shipping time for international mail, in order to prevent the jewelry from being damaged during the transportation process, it should be packaged and protected in advance. It is recommended to choose shock-absorbing and anti-drop materials.

It is recommended to keep the air waybill, which can be used not only to check logistics, but also as a basis for compensation.

When sending valuables, the local customs will check the shipment and audit the amount of tax according to the value, type, quantity and purpose of the item. If necessary, the local customs will contact the recipient through the courier company to submit the required documents and pay taxes to assist in customs clearance. After the customs clearance procedures are completed, the shipment will be released smoothly and the delivery process will continue.

Frequently asked question

When the jewelry is mailed overseas, if it is lost, will the courier company take full responsibility?

Since the compensation limit for jewelry packages is 100 US dollars, if the mailed items are too expensive, it is recommended to purchase insurance.

Will there be tariffs on jewellery mailed overseas?

It is determined by the destination country and the jewelry itself. If the jewelry is relatively expensive, tariffs will be imposed.

Can jewelry be sent overseas if it contains animal carcasses?

Jewelry that contains animal carcasses cannot be sent overseas.