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[HK Shipping to Australia🇦🇺] Prohibited Items

Last updated time : 2021-08-05

#寄澳大利亞 #禁寄物品

AustraliaCommon Items Currently Prohibited from Shipping to Australia

1.  Living animals, insects (including eggs);
2.  Meat and meat products (including instant noodles with minced pork, moon cakes, medicinal materials, etc.);
3.  Dairy products, eggs and egg products (including mayonnaise, food containing eggs or milk content of more than 10%, moon cakes containing egg yolk);
4.  Handicrafts ( Woven from bark, straw, wood, dried flowers, etc.; goods made from animal feathers, teeth, bones, raw hides and other parts);
5.  Fresh and dried fruits and vegetables;
6.&nbsp ; Live plants and plant products, dried plant raw materials, seeds;
7.  Soil, sand, sand and sand-attached shoes and appliances;
8.   Toys filled with seeds, sand or straw;
9.  Tea (containing seeds or fruit peels);
10.  Chinese medicine, herbal medicine;
11.  Popcorn, nuts;
12.  Laboratory equipment, raw materials (including medical and animal samples, microorganisms).
13.  It is forbidden to use cartons for packaging fruits, vegetables, eggs or meat to encapsulate items. No matter it is brand new or second-hand cartons, straw ropes are not allowed to bundle packages.
14.  Minerals and their extracts;
15.  Radioactive substances;
16.  Inflammable, explosive, corrosive paint, Thinners and cleaners;
17.  Advertising items of all kinds of prohibited items;
18.  Glazed pottery;
19.  Mercury thermometer;
20.  Ammunition, ammunition, weapons and their parts;
21.  Illegal goods exported from other countries;
22.  Papua New Guinea Articles of cultural assets;
23.  Registered, insured and express mail are not allowed to send coins, banknotes, gems and other valuables;
24.  If you need to contact the sender For details of the regulations, please refer to the Australian Defense Inspection Agency website www.aqis.gov.au/icon or contact the Australian Inspection Agency directly: Tel: +61-2-6272-3933 Fax: +61-2-6272-3468 E-mail : International.mail@aqis.gov.au


*Information above is only for reference, Fulffy will not guarantee the accuracy of the content. For more details, please refer to the official site of the local customs.

The official website of Australia customs Click here