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Comparison between Fulffy International Courier Service and Hong Kong Post

Last updated time : 2021-08-11


Comparison between Fulffy International Courier Service and Hong Kong Post

Package international courier Hong Kong Post service

Apart from Hong Kong Post, there are a lot more options for international express delivery! As a comparison platform, Fulffy gathers the services of multiple international courier companies. By looking at the prices and delivery time of major companies, you can choose the best shipping plan to help you complete the whole process conveniently and easily!

Fulffy has listed the differences between Hongkong Post and the international express service provided by Fulffy, let’s take a look!

Fulffy International Courier ServiceVS Hong Kong Post


Hong Kong Post

Book international express service through Fulffy

Shipping Method

Send parcel in the post office in person

Appointment for pick up, flexible time

Arrival Time

Airfreight is 2-24 working days, there will be delays due to the impact of the pandemic

Depends on the specific country or region, the fastest can be reached within 2-3 days

Courier fee

Depends on the type, weight, volume, delivery time, and region of the shipment

More favorable due to the comparison service provided by Fluffy

Arrange Online Shipment Back to Hong Kong

Can't achieve

You can book multi-country import services to Hong Kong through Fulffy

Shipment Help

Relatively missing

Comprehensive assistance, providing full assistance from appointment to customs clearance

Parcel Packaging

Package by yourself

Package by yourself, and may ask for assistance

Tracking Functions

Some don't have tracking functions

Instant update on shipment status

Ease of Usage

More complicated, the sender needs to fill out the shipping bill, prepare the relevant documents, understand the customs regulations of various countries, etc.

Easy and convenient, Fulffy completes some operations on your behalf






Delivery Regions of Expertise


Middle East, Europe


Door-to-door pick up




Ship Products with Batteries





If time is tight, for North America and the UK addresses, the primary choices are UPS and DHL. DHL is more advantageous for goods under 5.5 kg or 21-100 kg; while UPS is cheaper for 6-21 kg goods or more than 100 kg. The special line Aramex in the Middle East is suitable for shipping to the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and other countries. It has strong customs capacity, guaranteed timeliness, superior freight price, and no surcharges in remote areas. At the same time, the compnay is good at handling small mail and document delivery.


Frequently asked question

How does the delivery speed of Hongkong Post compare to international express companies?

The delivery speed of Hongkong Post is generally 2-24 days, and there is a certain degree of delay due to the pandemic. International express companies can provide express services with shorter delivery times.

Will Fulffy International Express Service provide more support than Hongkong Post?

Fulffy will make your shipping process more automated and assist you throughout the entire process, making it efficient and convenient.

Do international express services and Hongkong Post provide tracking services?

Fulffy platform provides real-time tracking, and some mail services of Hongkong Post cannot be tracked.