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Hong Kong Shipping to Cyprus: Prohibited Items

Last updated time : 2021-08-05

#寄塞普路斯 #禁寄物品

“Cyprus”Common Items Currently Prohibited from Shipping to Cyprus

1.  Living animals (except dogs, cats, tropical fish, parrots and birds);
2.  Meat and its offal;
3.   Milk (with less than 7% of the fat) and dairy products, except those certified by the competent authority;
4.  Plants, flower buds, vines and cut flowers contain parasites that can cause crops Harmful person;
5.  Citrus fruits, walnuts, almonds;
6.  Peanuts in shell;
7.  opium, morphine, hemp, etc. Narcotics and drugs;
8.  Seditious publications;
9.  Books and works that the copyright owner applies to the customs and are not allowed to import;
10.  Books or publications related to the manufacture, operation and maintenance of firearms and shells (except for whaling guns for fishing, books or publications imported by police agencies and government agencies);
11.  Items similar to the currency used in the country or in other countries, or the item is printed with pictures or designs corresponding to the currency;
12.  Forged or altered currency, Those similar to current domestic or foreign currencies;
13.  Forged stamps, samples and tools used to print stamps;
14.   Decorations, articles and any goods similar to currencies used abroad;
15.  Daggers.


*Information above is only for reference, Fulffy will not guarantee the accuracy of the content. For more details, please refer to the official site of the local customs.

The website of Cyprus customs Click here